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Wholesale / Dropship Video Games & Pop-culture Merchandise August 2017

August 29, 2017

Shipping Today!
PS Vita Drive Girls (9/8/2017 Release date)
PS4 Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana (9/12/2017 Release date)
PS Vita Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana (9/12/2017 Release date)

August 25, 2017

Now Shipping!


PS4 Everybody’s Golf
PS4 Resident Evil Revelations
XB1 Resident Evil Revelations
PS4 Warriors All-Star
NSW Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle

August 24, 2017

Now Shipping!

PS4 Yakuza Kiwami Steelbook Edition
PS4 Ark Survival Evolved
XB1 Ark Survival Evolved
PS4 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy
XB1 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy
PS4 Dead Alliance
XB1 Dead Alliance
PS4 F1 2017
XB1 F1 2017
PS4 Utawarerumono Mask of Truth Get it Early (Street date: Sept 5, 2017)
PSV Utawarerumono Mask of Truth (Street date: Sept 5, 2017)
PS4 Pillars of Eternity
XB1 Pillars of Eternity

August 22, 2017

PS4 John Madden 18
XB1 John Madden 18
PS4 Wolfenstein The Two Pack
XB1 Wolfenstein The Two Pack


August 18, 2017

Shipping Now!


PS4 Uncharted The Lost Legacy
PS4 Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition (Game+Premium Pass incl 4 Expansion & more)
XB1 Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition (Game+Premium Pass incl 4 Expansion & more)
PS4 Madden GOAT Edition
XB1 Madden GOAT Edition


PS4 Rogue Stormers
XB1 Rogue Stormers
PS4 World to the West
XB1 World to the West


Shipping 8/22-8/23 Madden 18 (PS4, XB1)


August 14, 2017

Now available for immediate shipping!


PS4 Sudden Strike 4
PS4 Agents of Mayhem
XB1 Agents of Mayhem



August 11, 2017

Merchandise (New & Restocks)


Assassin's Creed Film Keychain
Assassin's Creed Movie Keychain
Batman Logo Flex Cap
DC Comics Harley Quinn Comic/Logo Lanyard
DC Comics Wonder Woman Inside Out Crossbody Wallet Clutch
Dragon Ball Z Resurrection Lanyard
Fallout Blue Vault Boy Lanyard
Fallout Emojis Bi-Fold Wallet
Fallout Nuka Cola Canvas Bi-Fold Wallet
Fallout Nuka Cola Lanyard
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Newt Lanyard
Marvel Deadpool Chimichanga Bottle Umbrella
Marvel Deadpool Dorks Keychain
Marvel Deadpool Metal Keychain
Marvel Deadpool Poster Bi-Fold Wallet
Marvel Deadpool X-Force Snapback
Mega Man 8 Bit Lanyard
Nintendo Controller Backpack
Nintendo Game Boy Bi-Fold Wallet
Nintendo Gameboy Lanyard
Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Question Block Lanyard
Nintendo Super Mario Cartridge Bi-Fold Wallet
Nintendo Super Mario Charm Necklace
Nintendo Wario Youth Blue Adjustable Hat
Nintendo Zelda Black Snapback
Nintendo Zelda Messenger Bag
Nintendo Zelda Wind Walker Lanyard
Nintendo Yoshi Rubber Sonic Weld Gray/Green Snapback
Pokemon Group Rubber Patch Bi-Fold Wallet
Pokemon Pikachu Lanyard
Resident Evil Metal Keychain
Sega Genesis Streets of Rage Snapback
Sony Playstation Controller Snapback
Star Wars 7 BB8 Keychain
Star Wars Rogue One Rebel Logo Dad Hat
Super Mario Brothers Star Lanyard
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Icon Lanyard
Yu-Gi-Oh! Hieroglyphics Lanyard
Zelda Breath of the Wild Lanyard
Zelda Breath Of The Wild Leather Bi-Fold Wallet
Zelda Breath of the Wild Shield Backpack


August 10, 2017

Now available for immediate shipping!


PS4 Zero Time Dilemma
PS4 Sine Mora EX
XB1 Sine Mora EX
PS4 Mega Man Legacy Collection 2
XB1 Mega Man Legacy Collection 2


August 3, 2017

Notable restocks!  
Hi-Chew Cherry Berry Mix Candy
Hi-Chew Fizzies Soda Mix Candy
Hi-Chew Tropical Mix Bag (Mango Banana Melon)
Hi-Chew Sours Citrus Mix Candy
Kit Kat Chocolate 14 Pk  

Pokemon Pokeball Backpack Hanger Keychain
Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife Mini Plush  

PS4 AereA Collectors Ed
PS4 Cladun Returns Sengoku
PS4 Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy
PS4 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
PS4 Fortnite PS4 Minecraft
PS4 Minecraft Story Mode
PS4 Minecraft Story Mode Complete Adventure
PS4 Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
PS4 Ride
PS4 Samurai Warriors 4 Empires
PS4 Shadow Tactics Blades Of Shogun
PS4 Street Fighter V  

3DS Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
3DS Pokemon Moon
3DS Pokemon Sun
3DS Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
3DS Pokemon X 3DS Pokemon Y
3DS Stella Glow  
3DS Super Mario 3D Land
3DS Super Mario Maker
3DS Super Smash Bros
3DS Zelda Link Between Worlds  

PS3 Mass Effect Trilogy
PS3 Minecraft Story Mode
PS3 Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
PS3 Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition
PS3 Skate 3  

Vita BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma
Vita Criminal Girls 2  Party Favors
Vita Mortal Kombat
VIta Persona 4 Golden
Vita Zero Time Dilemma  

XB1 Fortnite
XB1 Minecraft
XB1 Minecraft Story Mode
XB1 Need for Speed
XB1 Need for Speed Rivals
XB1 Prototype Biohazard Bundle
XB1 Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
XB1 Shadow Tactics Blades Of Shogun
XB1 Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition
XB1 Controller Battery Replacement Cover (Black)
XB1 Controller Battery Replacement Cover (White)
XB1 Controller Battery Replacement Cover (Blue)  

XB3 Mass Effect Trilogy
XB3 Minecraft XB3 NBA 2K17
XB3 Need for Speed Rivals  

NSW Arms
NSW Mario Kart 8 Delux
NSW Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
NSW Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip
NSW Nintendo Switch Dock Set
NSW Ultra Street Fighter II  

WiiU Rayman Legends
WiiU Rodea The Sky Soldier  

Saturn Action Replay Plus 4M