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Dropship Video Games

Introducing Dropship Basic, Pro and Ultimate!

We have earned a stellar reputation in the video gaming market with a broad but highly specialized selection of products with unparalleled high quality standards. Now it is your opportunity to offer what we have been very successful with to your customers and market.

We will be standing by your side with 25+ years of expertise to help you achieve your dream.

Register early! Limited seats & categories available.

What is Dropship?

Dropship is an order fulfillment method where the seller doesn’t keep products in stock. Instead, the seller will transfer their customer’s orders and shipping details to the dropshipper who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

What are the benefits of dropship services?

  • Minimum capital investment
    • No physical inventories to invest in or manage
  • Easy to start
    • No facilities to manage
    • No logistics / operations involved
    • Can start slow but grow exponentially
  • Low monthly overhead
  • Flexible Location as long as you have an internet connection
  • Easy to expand

Where can I utilize your dropship services?

eStarland b2b services offer an unique opportunity for small to mid-sized businesses and individuals by combining dropship services with the video game industry.

  • To make money by buying from one market and selling them on a different market
  • To make money by differences in your purchase price and sale price
  • As a backup supplier to fill your regular customer orders
  • To expand number of products you offer

Where can I sell?

From your online site, major online marketplaces and your own brick & mortar businesses.

What is Blind Shipping?

Blind shipping means that your products appear to be shipped from your business. The shipping label contains your business name with the address of our fulfillment center in the return address. We respect your business. No invoice / packing slips will be branded with our name.

Can I upgrade / downgrade my plan in the future?

Yes. All dropship plans are billed monthly and will be prorated to the new rate upon change.

What kind of dropship plans available?

Dropship Plans




(Now Available)


(Coming soon)


Make Money As You Go

Everyday Seller

Determined seller

Setup Fee



Contact us

Subscription Fee

$19.95 / mo

$29.95 / mo

$29.95 / mo

Data Fee


$50.00 / mo

$150.00 / mo

Monthly Limit

150 orders

500 orders

2,000 orders

Pick & Pack Fee

$2.50 / order

$2.25 / order

$2.00 / order

Domestic Shipping

$2.00 / game

$2.00 / game

$2.00 / game

International Shipping

$$8 -$10 / game

$$8 -$10 / game

$$8 -$10 / game

Product Type

New, Used

New, Used

New, Used

Avaliable Categories




Blind Shipping

Yes (Your business Name)

Yes (Your business Name)

Yes (Your business Name)




Min # of orders (Monthly)

No Minimum

No Minimum

No Minimum

Special Offers




Order Placement

Web only

Web, Email, CSV, Excel

Web, Email, CSV, Excel, API

Data Feed (XML)


Product Data
Inventory Data

Product Data
Inventory Data
Daily Reports

Payment Methods

Credit Cards, Paypal





Email, Phone

Email, Phone, Acct. Manager

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